Re: [Geary] 0.10 release

Il giorno mar 31 mar 2015 alle 18:34, Marc Thomas <mat mthx org> ha scritto:
I just wanted to congratulate you all on the 0.10 release. I just updated this morning and so far everything looks and feels really solid.

I add my congratulations.

I like very much that the search bar moved to the left, over the conversations list. Sometimes I happened to accidentally close Geary while I was actually trying to clear the search bar (the two x were close and confused me).

The possibility to switch to the two pane view is also nice.

I did notice one behavioral change which I am wondering if is intentional or not, but Geary no longer respects ctrl+q for quiting the application. The only existing bug report I found is this one <> but it specifically mentions ctrl+q not working from a composer window, where as this behavior seems to now be present regardless of what window in Geary has focus. I'd be more than happy to file a bug if this behavior is not intended.

Ctrl+Q is working fine here when the focus is on the main window.

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