[Geary] Announcing Geary 0.8.1

Yorba is pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.8.1.  This version is a bug release of 0.8.0 and is highly recommended for all users, especially those running GTK+ 3.1.4.

Updates include:

  * Display properly-scaled toolbar icons under GTK+ 3.14
  * Don't show composer close/detach buttons twice under GTK+ 3.14
  * Fix code analysis errors reported by newest Vala
  * gcr-3 minimum version requirement now specified
  * Properly install French online help
  * Czech online help added
  * Updated Spanish, German translations

The Geary 0.8.1 tarball can be found at https://download.gnome.org/sources/geary/0.8/geary-0.8.1.tar.xz

For more information, see the Geary home page at https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Geary

-- Jim

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