Re: [Geary] feedback on help pages

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 10:24 AM, fede inventati org wrote:
I see that you didn't fix this string: To set preferences in Geary, open the application menu or click the gear menu at the upper right of the toolbar and choose <gui>Preferences</gui>.

The bother here is that on systems that don't display application menus, we still show a gear menu.  It could be worded more clearly.

Also, I cannot reproduce what is described here: To permanently delete the conversations, hold down <key>Shift</key> and press the <gui>Delete</gui> button that appears in place of the <gui>Trash</gui> button. If I hold Shift the button doesn't change (tested also on english locale).

Certain folders don't support the delete operation.  What type of folder (and what kind of account) were you in when you were trying this?

This also could be clarified.


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