Re: [Geary] Geary Debian package

Hi Jim,
IMHO,  since you are using git, is much better to compile directly from git than to create my own repo from your tarballs. Is also easier to cherry pick any eventual patch. Is better also for any eventual contribution from my (or any package maintainer) side.
Apart from all the reason I mentioned above I also think any master branch should only contain code relevant to the program.

But of course you are the developer and if you want to stick with your way is fine by me.

I just wanted to be sure of my options before starting to work on the pakages.



On Jun 17, 2014 10:08 PM, "Jim Nelson" <jim yorba org> wrote:
The debian/ directory in both cases is for our PPAs on Launchpad.  We *could* maintain the packaging in a separate branch (either in git or on a Launchpad Bazaar branch) but that's not the course we chose.

I'm curious: we don't include the Debian stuff in our tarballs, only in git.  Does it really matter where the packaging is stored, as long as it's not included in the released tarballs?

-- Jim

On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:47 AM, Michele Cane <michele cane gmail com> wrote:


I am in the process of taking over the packaging of Geary (and also California) in debian.

I looked into your git repo and noticed that in your master branch you have a debian folder.  I think this is not correct from a packaging point of view. Would it be possible to move this folder out of the way in the master branch and create a, let's say, a Ubuntu branch with your debian folder?



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