[Geary] New to geary


I'm new to Geary. Great app, very well designed. I wish more apps were designed like this.

I would like to report my new comer experience with Geary. I hope this could help improving Geary. Maybe I should create bug reports but I'm not comfortable with that (you might want to guide me).

First start : very easy to configure gmail accounts ; but as I had a huge inbox (over 2000 mails) geary ate a lot of my CPU filling his database. After that Geary took 25% of 2GB RAM.

I didn't gave up. I found script.google.com to schedule auto-archiving of old mails. Now geary feel much lighter.

However there is two remaining problems. First, I can't write mails because space bar doesn't work (!!!). I'm wondering why because I don't have any problems with that in any other app and I thought it was just a GTK text entry area. Secondly, when I start Geary inbox prompt and just disappear. I have to switch to my second gmail account and back to see it again.

VoilĂ .

Thanks to all Geary contributors.



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