Re: [Geary] Label items runs over the icon when there is too many of them

This isn't intentional on our part.  I believe it's a toolkit (GTK) issue.

I looked and realized this isn't ticketed, although I can reproduce this too.  So I've ticketed it here:

One workaround is to press and hold the button.  The menu will appear but won't select a folder.  You can then move the mouse to make a selection.  It's not perfect, but should help.

-- Jim

On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 5:28 AM, TANMOY GHOSH <banush tanmoy gmail com> wrote:
Hi I am using Geary 0.4.3 in LinuxMint 14 with XFCE 4.10 desktop environment. I linked my Gmail account to geary mail. I have lots of 'label's in my gmail account. Now suppose I open a mail within geary and when click to 'add label' or 'move conversation' menu in geary, the list of labels runs over the 'add label' and 'move conversation' icon respectively. Also at this position geary does not wait for another mouse click and selects which one is highlighted at that moment (left mouse down, opens list of label-->left mouse release, geary selects the label and mail moves to that label). So, at this point user dont gets to select the label unless he/she keeps holding the left mouse button which is difficult. In addition, if users mistakenly release the left mouse button, mail moves to some unwanted label. I don't know whether this is deliberately done this way to reduce the number of mouse click or something else, but this one currently the single-most annoying feature for me in geary. Also, in case, the problem is difficult to understand from the above text, I attached a screen-shot of the problem here where I just did a left mouse down on 'move conversation' icon and now if I release the left lfet mouse button, the mail will move to the highlighted label. With regards Tanmoy
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