Re: [gdome] Fixes for libxml strings

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 00:11, ext Sameer Oak wrote:
> > ... replaced them with gdome_str_mkref_xml(), which will use xmlFree()
> > instead of g_free().
> ---
> Was it gdome_str_unref()?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

gdome_str_unref() will call the unref function provided by the 
gdome_str_mkref*() functions.

If you use gdome_str_mkref(), no free() on ptr->str.

If you use gdome_str_mkref_own() or gdome_str_mkref_dup(), g_free( ptr->str ) 
will be used.

If you use gdome_str_mkref_xml(), xmlFree( ptr->str ) will be used.

Yes, they're different because libxml and glib uses different allocator and if 
you misuse them you can get things like double-free or memory leaks.

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