Re: [gdome] Bugfix: html files don't obey DESTDIR

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 08:20:28AM +0100, Luca Padovani wrote:
> On 08/mar/06, at 18:08, Daniel Macks wrote:
> >dir=$(HTML_DIR))
> >+	-install -d -m 0755 $(DESTDIR)$(TARGET_DIR)
> >+	-install -m 0644 $(srcdir)/html/*.html $(DESTDIR)$(TARGET_DIR)
> >+	-install -m 0644 $(srcdir)/html/index.sgml $(DESTDIR)$(TARGET_DIR)
> >+	-(cd $(DESTDIR); gtkdoc-fixxref --module=$(DOC_MODULE) --html-dir= 
> I'm a bit confused. According to the CVS this is already the status  
> of gtk-doc/, see

Ah yes, so it is. Glad to see I was on the right track about solving

> It seems like the latest tarball did not include these changes.

That indeed is the case.

It might be useful to tag the versions of the CVS files when you
release a tarball (release_0_8_1 or something like that?). That way
it's easy for people to generate a patch that upgrades a given tarball
distribution to the latest CVS files.


Daniel Macks
dmacks netspace org

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