Re: [gdome]Tabs in the code and 80 characters

On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 00:36, Blair Zajac wrote:
> inconsistent indenting.  Loading into Emacs is fine because this
> line
> but in vi or jove, this looks like this

I don't want to sound religious about this particular issue, just it
makes me wonder if you are aware of ":set ts=2" which instructs vi to
use 2 character indent. It seems to me like such a little effort... and
I'm sure there's a way to instruct vi to do this automatically.

> In addition, many lines have function declarations continue for
> many characters beyond 80.  Is there a reason for this?

if you refer to gdome.h please keep in mind that this file is generated
automatically. Ok, it is the main gdome2 include file so it should be
readable and well structured, but there is also the extracted

-- luca

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