Re: [gdome]Question gdome test program


On Wed, 2003-12-24 at 02:42, jameshu utstar com wrote:
> I found that it's my mistake of the broken down.
> I modified the code below in gdome_treegc_delNode.
>     ownerDoc =  gdome_xmlGetOwner (priv->n)->_private; ==>
>    ownerDoc =  gdome_xmlGetOwner (priv->n);
> It is OK now. 

Hmmmmm.... this change doesn't look good to me. gdome_xmlGetOwner
returns an xmlDoc* and ownerDoc has type Gdome_xml_Document* so from the
xmlDoc* you need to retrieve the _private file to access the wrapper.
Please double check your code, and btw if the wrong code was yours how
come you ended up modifying gdome's? ;-)

> Do you have any experiences in compiling gdome using VC? 

not at all :-(

> Auto configure tools can configure gdome in linux,
> but how to configure in VC?

have no idea. Perhaps you can just compile without configuring. Since you're
compiling gdome2 I presume libxml2 is already installed, and libxml2 has
a configuration script too. So what did you do with libxml2? 

-- luca

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