Re: [gdome]Question gdome test program

Hi, thank you.

I found that it's my mistake of the broken down.
I modified the code below in gdome_treegc_delNode.
    ownerDoc =  gdome_xmlGetOwner (priv->n)->_private; ==>
   ownerDoc =  gdome_xmlGetOwner (priv->n);
It is OK now. 

Do you have any experiences in compiling gdome using VC? 
Auto configure tools can configure gdome in linux,
but how to configure in VC?

Best Regards

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Subject: Re: [gdome]Question gdome test program

> Hi,
> On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 09:54, jameshu utstar com wrote:
> > I compile gdome using VC.
> > And meet a problem when running \test\bench.c
> >  
> > it is broken down in traversal()
> > because the ownerDoc is NULL after call gdome_xml_n_unref
> the test works for me.
> However I see a problem for sure which is the domdoc variable has type
> GdomeDocument but it is casted to GdomeElement for the first call to
> traversal! For some gdome2 magic this should cause no harm but anyway
> I've corrected the code in CVS (see patch attached).
> In case you're still experiencing the problem (likely), would you be
> able to generate a stack trace?
> Cheers,
> -- luca

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