Re: [gdome]user_data and language bindings

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen wrote:
>  The Ocaml binding does not use user_data, because it is layered into two
>  levels. The first one is just a one-to-one binding to the C interface.
>  The second level (re-)builds a hierarchy of OO classes using the functions
>  of the first level as pre-methods. Any additional data the binding needs
>  can be added directly to the second level, without using the user_data
>  field of the first one.

I would like to understand what you are doing, but I am not familiar with
ocaml and its pre-methods. Are you saying that you wrap all nodes of a DOM
tree at once, and that your wrapper objects duplicate the navigational
methods of the gdome layer? 

>  Of course, this approach is probably not feasible for other languages.
Hehe. We'll see.


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