[gdome]gdome2-0.6.7 is released

    this new micro released should be the latest one before 0.7.0 that
will finally announce the Events modules availability.
 Gdome2 sites:
   http://tarpano.homeip.net/gdome2/      (slow)
 Gdome2 Reference Manual:
  - Fixed bugs on EventListener reference counting
  - Added a new method to the Node Interface (gdome_xxx_canAppend) to  
    check if a node can be appended to the child list of another node.
  - Modified appendChild, insertBefore and replaceChild Node method to
  - Modified the NamedNodeMap interface to internally distinguish its type
    on GdomeNodeType.
  - Fixed the DOM level 2 Erratas: core 4, 6, 7, 8, 12
  - Renamed the field "private" in all object structures of Core modules
    to "user_data".
  - Added to all Events public object structures the "user_data" field,
    this is (like for Core public object structures) a GdomePrivateList
    useful to the Gdome2 users to link to an object any kind of data.
  - Now the DocumentEvent Interface (implemented in the Document
    Interface) supports also "Events" eventType to create basic
    user-defined Events. (gdome_doc_createEvent method)
  - I've made public gdome_evntl_get_priv, an old API deprecated in
    Gdome2, for campatibility reasons.
  - Bug fix in gdome_xxx_cloneNode and in gdome_doc_inportNode handling
  - Implemented the gdome_dt_internalSubset API.
  - Restructured files with "-util" suffix (more details in ChangeLog).
  - Added two new APIs to save XML documents: gdome_di_saveDocToFile and
    gdome_di_saveDocToMemory. The old APIs saveFile and saveFormatFile
    will become deprecated.
  The type of the user_data field in all public object structures isn't
  the final one. I'm thinking on what should be the better


Paolo Casarini - casarini cs unibo it

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