Re: [gdome]spec file

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Andrew Hughes Chatham wrote:

> We've just started using Gdome2 for the SashXB project,
This is great!! I hope you'll find Gdome2 stable enough for your work.

> and we thought it
> would be nice if there were RPMs of Gdome for people to use, so I wrote a
> spec file.
Some days ago, I made a spec file too, it was my first spec file and so
I wasn't sure of the result. Well, I put the rpms in 

> The rpms it builds seem to work fine. Ideally gdome2.spec would go
> into's AC_OUTPUT and gdome2.spec would go in the toplevel
> EXTRA_DIST, and then all would be wonderful. I'm having issues with email, so
> I put a link up instead of an attachment. It's at
Now, with your help, I can try to do a better work.

> Let me know if I need to change anything about it.
I think I'll merge your spec file with mine and I'll add it on the CVS.

Paolo Casarini - casarini cs unibo it

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