I have developed a PAM module ....but I want to find out how to
authenticate a user on to the desktop of fedora 16 using gdm greeter as a
PAM aware application for the PAM module.

My main problem is how gdm greeter could be tweaked in order for it to
communicate with my PAM module. To make my worries much clearer, here are
a list of my specific problems:

1. How can I block the text area for password entry on the gdm login greeter.

2. What should I do if I want to add more buttons to the gdm greeter login
panel for other actions.

3. Lastly what are the codes I need to write in gdm for it to send greeter
button messages(eg. a number like 1 or 2) or actions to the PAM module,
and the corresponding codes in PAM to receive the messages(like 1 or 2)
from the gdm greeter for appropriate authentication to be performed in the
PAM module.

Hope to receive some replies ASAP....

Donkor Nicholas

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