Re: [gdm-list] [ConsoleKit] Future of GDM & ConsoleKit

On 05/19/11 08:53 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Wed, 18.05.11 20:58, Brian Cameron (brian cameron oracle com) wrote
When Simon Zheng, Halton Huo, and myself designed these interfaces, the
intent was that they could be extended to support device management.  I
am sure that the "Devices" line in the design for
/etc/ConsoleKit/seat.d is too primitive and needs work.  But it seems a
starting point to discuss.
The new scheme we have come up with in systemd does not use any such
configuration. In the best case seat configuration is completely
automatic and seats are dynamically created simply by plugging the right
hardware in.

Configuration is then only necessary if you use a combination of hw that
cannot be recognized automatically.

Also, all of this is solved inside udev, which simply puts the right
tags on the devices popping up.

All of this is very different from the old approaches. i.e. there's very
little actual infrastructure which binds seats together. Primarily seats
simply appear because properly tagged hardware devices show up in the

One issue with this is for network displays such as some Thin Clients.
We need the ability to support network-attached display devices. Is this being taken into account?


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