[gdm-list] Font size of GDM Login screen.

Hello all,


Using Red Hat 5.5 which currently has gdm-2.16.0-56


Is there a way to change the font size of the GDM login screen text when using Plain Style?


I have many servers in racks with a shared KVM device.  I think the KVM is causing the loss of system-config-display’s ability to negotiate video display settings correctly. The best resolution I can get on the monitor is 1024x768.  But we also have the enormous User Banner we must display because Uncle Sam says we must. You know, they have to tell us all the stuff we can and can’t do and how much trouble we’ll be in if we do or don’t do things like they say.  J


Also in addition to the banner there must be room for the box so you can see the characters as you type in your user name and such.  And then there are the Start Again and Ok buttons.  With the full banner the box and the buttons are off the screen so I have to login by typing blindly.


If tried the InfoMsgBox with a 96 dpi font and that is sort of ok.  However, if the Okay button is encaged someway the message is gone and you are at the login screen.  If for some odd reason that Okay button gets hit a user may never see banner because the system will be displaying the login screen i.e. the InfoMsgBox has done its job and moved on.


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


George Sullivan

 Systems Administration


   7120 Columbia Gateway Drive

    Columbia, Md. 21046

      410 - 872 - 7006


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