Re: [gdm-list] Multiple monitor issues w/ GDM 2.28

Lawrence Statton schrieb:
I'm having some issues getting my multi-headed configuration working.

I am trying to get a single display configured with three screens.

The machine boots and the 'mostly purple' Ubuntu root-window graphics appear on *each* screen, but only one of them has any "real activity" (that is: When I log in, there are only window-manager decorations in the :0.0 screen, only the :0.0 screen responds to clicks in the root-window) ... I can mouse over to the other screen and see the pointer.

If I try launching an X client (e.g. xterm -display :0.1 ) "nothing appears to happen" ( no error returned, but neither does a terminal launch ) (nb I also tried launching the xterm as root, in case there were some permission issues )

That sounds like a window manager problem rather than a display manager problem. Once you have logged in and the session and window manager take over, the display manager doesn't play a role any more.

The release notes mention that "GDM 2.20 and earlier supported the ability to manage multiple displays with separate graphics cards" and "These features were not added back during the 2.22 rewrite."

The question looming large in my mind is: Are they using the words "multiple displays" in the pedestrian sense of "many things on my desk" or in the specific X sense of the word "a group of screens bound to a keyboard and mouse"?

AFAIK that is in the X sense. Multiple local X servers using separate hardware and serving a display each (multiple 'Seats' in Console-Kit) is what is missing (and being worked on).

Can gdm/gnome be made to do what I want, or am I going to just have to continue using xdm/fvwm like I have been for the last 15 years?

You could try making a desktop file to allow using fvwm as your window manager while still using gdm as the display manager.

If I am right, that should work for you.

- Jörg

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