Re: [gdm-list] Changing the login screen


I was just browsing through the code of GDM . What I want to do is ,
take the username and password from the user in a gtk window (like the
explorer one ) instead of the usual login procedure. So I was searching
through the code as to where can I do this , but am lost with the code ,
can anybody help me with that ?

GDM makes use of PAM for authentication.  GDM just blindly displays
whatever prompts (username/password/etc.) that PAM is configured to
display.  You should be able to refer to the pam.d or pam.conf manpage
for more information.

If you wish to modify how GDM prompts the user, this would require
either configuring PAM differently, or modifying GDM to not use PAM.

Note that you could probably find more PAM-focused forums where you
would likely find better help with PAM specific questions than on this
mailing list.


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