[gdm-list] G Panel moved left

I'm using SabayonLinux 5.1 with recent equo updates yesterday.  Computer
is an HP Pavilion dv6810, NVIDIA Go 7150 graphics and I now have a
problem which just developed overnight. Perhaps it is related to the

Everything was present and in the correct order in the top panel last
night when I shut down, but when I booted this morning, the left side of
the top panel is now shifted to the left and out of sight with the mouse
icon sitting at the extreme left in the panel.  All icons normally on
the right top are still there. 

I have used the Panel controls to delete, make new, etc but still cannot
get the covered up left side of the panel to slide to the right to
uncover the headings I need .

Is this a bug and should I attempt to send you the info according to
your instructions?



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