Re: [gdm-list] Multiseat status in 2.30


I would like to know if GDM 2.30 can handle multiseat,
I mean 2 users, 2 videocards, 2 Xorg's.

The multiseat patches for ConsoleKit and GDM did not land in GDM 2.30.
Ray, Jon and a few others did a code review of the patches and felt
that there is more work that needs to be done before it is ready to
land upstream.  However, Halton and I (who are working on the patch)
are still awaiting feedback about what changes need to be made.  We
are hoping that this can all be resolved in the 2.32 timeframe, so
that GDM 2.32 should support multiseat.

For now, you need to build ConsoleKit and GDM with the multiseat
patches yourself for multiseat support.  OpenSolaris builds GDM with
these patches by default now, and perhaps other distros could
consider doing so as well.  You might file a bug with your distro
and suggest that they do this to make the feature available more


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