Re: [gdm-list] Messed Up User on GDM


This sounds like a problem, perhaps a corruption, in your /etc/password
or /etc/group files.  If your "gdm" user is not recognized, then you
probably need to fix these files.

This probably isn't the best forum to get distro-specific help with
problems setting up a user or group, though.  Might be better to discuss
this with a forum which provides help specific to your distro.


I was trying to create a user in Xubuntu and seem to have messed up the user group serial numbers .. initially i got an error message saying no such user a couple of times. When I restarted the machine I would get an error loading GDM saying user gdm does not exist leading straight into the console.

Whats the easiest way to fix this issue?

Thanks for going through this and helping out!


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