Re: [gdm-list] Is there any test case for GDM already?

Bob Doolittle wrote:
You may be imagining this under step 6 but it's worth mentioning explicitly that we need to test the Init, Presession, Postlogin, and Postsession hooks, including testing the permissions under which commands in those hooks are run. We've run into bugs in those areas before.

We also need to test that per-display configurations work here.


#4 below comes under the category of general PAM testing. All of the general accounting issues apply, including password expiration and access hour restrictions. Is there a suite available for PAM testing that we've been using with dtlogin on Solaris which could be utilized for gdm? It might be worth asking the pam_interest mailing list within Sun.


Brian Cameron wrote:


I am a QA in SUN for testing new GDM.
Currently, I plan to write some test cases for this project, including
new GDM and ConsoleKit.

I am wondering is there any test case already existed in community?

I'm not aware of any test cases in the community, perhaps others might
have some ideas. However, I can suggest some areas that should be

1) ConsoleKit provides a number of programs in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin
like ck-history, ck-launch-session, ck-list-session. It also
provides some libexec scripts like ck-collect-session-info,
ck-get-x11-server-pid, and ck-get-x11-display-device. Making
sure these all work as expected is important. For example,
it would be good to start several login sessions and make sure
that ck-list-session reports accurate information about them.

2) The new ConsoleKit multi-seat branch provides the ability to
define multiple static displays and to start/stop displays
dynamically via the /usr/sbin/ck-seat-tool program. It is good to
test that you can set up static multiple displays with ConsoleKit,
and use ck-seat-tool to start up or stop displays on demand.

3) It is important to test that the UI features of GDM work well
and are usable. This includes testing its a11y features,
session/language selection, etc.

4) It is good to expire a user's password, and make sure that
GDM allows you to reset your password.

5) GDM can be configured to run as an XDMCP server. It is good
to turn on this feature and make sure that other machines
can connect via XDMCP, that this works and that ConsoleKit
correctly reports those sessions in ck-list-session. GDM
supports many XDMCP configuration options, and testing them
would be handy.

6) GDM has a number of configuration options that are good to
test such as AutomaticLogin and TimedLogin.

7) Test to make sure that GDM works well when the Face Browser
is turned on or off.

8) Would be good to ensure that GDM's audit features work well.
Turn on auditing and make sure that the audit records reported
by GDM are reasonable. GDM uses libaudit on Linux and SunAudit
on Solaris.

9) Make sure that the performance is reasonable. This might be
especially useful to check in multi-seat environments.

Anything else?

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