Re: [gdm-list] gdm username history

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 5:23 AM, Jehan PROCACCIA
<Jehan Procaccia it-sudparis eu> wrote:
> Hello, since we updated our 200 machines parc to fedora-9 and
> gdm-2.22.0-8.fc9.i386, username login history keeps growing on the login
> console .
> It has a very anoying drawback to keep autofs  homedirs to be present in
>  /etc/mtab and hence generating every minutes a umount/mount due to the use
> of autofs/nfs homedir . Then the nfs server is overloaded by rpc.mountd and
> everything becomes very slow.
> How can I tell GDM not to keep an history of previously login users ?

I think the quick and dirty way is to make /var/log/ConsoleKit/history

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