Re: [gdm-list] GDM and reverse DNS


I do have investigated the problem of DNS previously presented. The
reverse DNS request is done in the function gdm_xdmcp_handle_request :

    * daemon/gdm-xdmcp-manager.c:1979

        if (entered) {
                GdmHostent *he;
                he = gdm_gethostbyaddr (clnt_sa);

The problem is that this request causes problem in the case that reverse DNS is not coherent. Does a patch to add a configuration item to disable this request would make sens?


Francis Giraldeau

Francis Giraldeau a écrit :
> Hi,
> I did observed a misbehaviour of GDM in environment using dynamic dns
> update. When the reverse lookup doesn't correspond to the forward
> lookup, then GDM reply XDMCP willing not to the original request address.
> Workstation that request XDMCP is
> Reverse lookup :
> -> name
> Direct lookup
> name ->
> XDMCP willing is send to
> To correct the problem, the DNS entries have to be fixed. If the DNS
> entry is deleted, then XDMCP is working appropriately. Correct DNS
> salvage may reduce the problem occurrence, but isn't preventing it
> completely.
> I didn't found option to configure GDM to avoid doing the reverse
> lookup, and just use the IP it received. Does this kind of options is a
> good idea?
> Have a nice day,

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