Re: [gdm-list] Plans for gdm guest account?

On mar, 2008-07-29 at 11:42 -0400, William Jon McCann wrote:

> Can you please be a bit more specific?  What precisely do you think is
> incomplete?

I've been looking at updating gdm to 2.22 for Ubuntu recently, some of
the issues we have at the moment which prevent upgrading (most have
already been reported on the list before):

* no configuration migration from the previous version (ie people who
use gdm 2.20 and autologin should still have that activated after

* no graphical tool to change the configuration, autologin might be
available but how do you expect users to activate it?

* no xdmcp option on the login screen

* no graphical theme, I expect that's something users will complain
about but that's not really a blocker

* would be nice to have an updated documentation

* the lack of support for multidisplay configuration might also be an
issue for some of the ubuntu users

* the new version doesn't work at the moment on ubuntu and I'm looking
at debugging why, that's not really an upstream issue but the ubuntu
distribution team still has limited ressources and I'm not sure I'll
manage to debug those issues this cycle. The new version also clearly
hasn't been tested in lot of environment (the code for example expects
consolekit, gdm and gnome-settings-daemon to use the same libexecdir
which is not true on debian based distributions). 

I'll try to open bugs this weel about the issues we noticed during
testing, some of those:

- the gnome-settings-daemon settings are not applied to the gdm screen
most of the time (I got those every 10 runs, not sure why)
- the gnome-power-manager process doesn't get the gdm environment and
the xdg cookie which breaks hibernate, suspend, etc
- login doesn't work when gdm is started on boot (it accepts the
username and password, displays the background color and return to gdm)
but works after restarting gdm which is weird

Sebastien Bacher

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