Re: [gdm-list] GDM 2.22 : cannot define multiple login servers anymore?


Note that GDM 2.22 is a complete rewrite of GDM, and uses almost
no code from the previous code-base.  Multiple displays are not
supported in GDM 2.22.  It is known that this feature is used
by many users (especially in enterprise settings where it is
used for terminal server support, for example).  Therefore, I
anticipate a similar feature will be added back to the new GDM
in time.  However, it is likely that the configuration mechanism
for specifying how multiple displays are configured will be
different in the new version.  I know Jon McCann has said that
this sort of configuration may be moved from GDM to ConsoleKit,
for example.

For now, you probably need to downgrade to GDM 2.20 if you need
this sort of functionality.


After I upgraded my Fedora distro from 7 to 9, I got the new
Gnome GDM version (2.22), for which the gdmsetup is missing.
I found discussions, where people also complain about missing
this setup utility.

However, I couldn't find an answer to my problem:

Before I had GDM configured to produce 3 login screens on my PC
console, on vt7, vt8 and vt9, simply by having these lines in
/etc/gdm/custom.conf :

7=Standard vt7
8=Standard vt8
9=Standard vt9

I tried to add this manually to the file with version 2.22,
but it does not seem to work anymore.
Has anybody an idea how I can integrate this with GDM 2.22 ?

Thank you,

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