[gdm-list] GDM launches sessions as root instead of the user who starts the session

Fedora Core 9 with all updates running:

I'm using NXclient to remotely control my computers, and found that the session list that comes up with shadow sessions shows 'root' as the session owner.  So, I can't connect since that's a security issue.  I don't want to change the systems to allow root access, I would like to get gdm fixed so it launches the sessions as normal users.

If there's a way to do this in the configuration, great, if not, someone should get this fixed soon. 

If I start a FC9 system in text mode and then use 'startx' to start a session, it is correct, and owned by the normal user. 

Running Fedora core 8 the sessions were owned by the normal users.

Running Fedora core 9 with KDE, the sessions are owned by normal users.


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