[gdm-list] gdm problem on linux laptop


I hope someone can help me with a gdm problem on my laptop running fedora core 4 and gdm

The symptom is that when I boot up, the login screen is the wrong size (or in some other way distorted) so that I can't see the login (or anything), although I am able to log in. After login still nothing is visible. I am also able to log in in parallel in "dumb term" (text only) mode (ctrl+alt+f1 etc.) as myself or root and thereby I can detect that the gdm login is working (by detecting the windows it opens) but don't know how to make it visible.

I tried gdm-stop and gdm-restart as root, but they don't help.

A possible cause of this is that just before this happened I had accidentally filled up the /home sector with a big copy operation, and around the same time I accidentally xkilled the gdm tray (toolbar or whatever). I deleted a bunch of files under /home/ before shutting down but I had thought rebooting would fix the tray issue.

Do I perhaps need to re-install gdm or something?  I would appreciate any help.



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