[gdm-list] -nolisten developers

I have just installed debian etch for the first time in a while, I've spent a year or so away from any flavors of unix and decided to get a new server/wireless ap/vpn router/webserver/mailserver etc.. running at home on a box.

So I installed debian on the machine which came with gdm running on it from the outset.

I spent a day or so getting other services running and then installed x-win32 on my laptop in the loungeroom. I've spent maybe 20 years behind everything from Prime 9950's, Dec Vax's and various other weird and wonderful machines, lots of unix thrown in.

I spent maybe 2 hours looking through the config for x11 on this etch box trying to find the exact file where I could get rid of the -nolisten tcp option from the server config. When I finally caught a fedora thread saying you guys had taken it out altogether.

I'd just like to say what a wonderful bunch of complete asshats the people who made that decision are. This protocol has been running for many years on many machines only to be brought down to this low facade of what it once was by your "johnny come lately" team of developers who have merely McDonalds-ised the entire thing.

Please put this feature back in, it was bad enough for me when it was turned on by default and badly documented, let alone when you don't give any other option and suck your way into being the default window manager in a server OS like debian.


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