Re: [gdm-list] Q: How to make screenshots/screencasts from a running gdm?


On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 00:35 +0800, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Mirco:
> > 	An odd question to ask, I admit, but still I need some hints on this. I
> > really want to make a screencast (or at least screenshots) of a running
> > gdm... not just gdm running from inside a gnome-session (using
> > DOING_GDM_DEVELOPMENT=1) or inside a Xephyr instance.

I can think of three things

1. Use VMWare or a equivalent app to "record" gdm/gnome session.
2. Use xnest to capture gdm screenshot/movie in combination with
3. Use a dummy X server/vnc server and record the vnc session using

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