Re: [gdm-list] [PATCH] fix indirect xdmcp with ipv6

Brian Cameron wrote:
> Thanks for the patches.  Though in the future could you please send
> patches as attachments

Sure. Although you can just save the mail with all headers etc to a
file and pipe it through patch. patch ignores the 'garbage' around
the diff.

> or (better yet) attach them to bugs in 

That's kind of long winded to do. I'd prefer to use the list if you
don't mind. It's easier for follow-up discussions too.

> Anyway, I did not apply a few of your changes to daemon/verify-pam.c
> since they caused warnings to show up in Solaris.  If you want to
> rework that patch so that the current code is surrounded by
> #ifdef __sun
> ...
> #else
> your code
> #endif
> Then I would accept it, so it works on Solaris and Linux.

Which parts? I don't have Solaris so I can't check myself.


 (o_   Ludwig Nussel
 //\   SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Development

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