[gdm-list] Notes from the hallway bof in Boston

Hey all,

Brian and I had a good discussion about some enhancements to GDM in
the near future. Here are some things we talked about:

1. Using GDM to replace the splash screen. We talked more about how to
do this. Ryan Lortie has been worked on a patch for this. You can see
the notes and Ryan's patch at

2. Extend the GDM xml to understand what parts of the UI are the
background and which are the above it. This is needed for the above
patch. Jimmac has been working on a new theme for Novell based on this

3. Locking down via pessulus. Notes at:

Discussion of what sort of lockdown is needed on that bug

4. Change the language and session dialogs so that they can be either
a drop down list or a combo box.

5. GDM currently has code for a gdmlogin which is entirely seperate
from the gdmgreeter (which most distro ship). The reason for this is
because the greeter doesn't support screen magnifiers. If this is
fixed, the gdmlogin code can go away.

We also spoke about the ability to display arbitrary other things
during the login process. The most likely case is to show the user
some piece of text the user must view or agree to, such as an
acceptable use policy or a legal notice. My thoughts are to show this
via gdm, but another solution is to use zenity in the scripts that run
before login. More discussion is needed to figure out how this
interacts with the new gdm-past-login patch.

Brian, did I miss anything?


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