Re: [gdm-list] adding a command to externaly fill the username field

Bob Doolittle <Robert Doolittle Sun COM> writes:

>>I'd like to be able to fill the username field externaly.
> This is really easy to do in a PAM module.
> Solaris does this for Sun Ray thin clients
> via a module called
> Just do what you have to, and provide a
> pam_sm_authenticate handler that simply
> calls pam_set_item for PAM_USER and returns
> PAM_IGNORE so it doesn't actually contribute
> to the authentication status.  Put your module
> on top of gdm's PAM stack and voila!

Ok thanks for your answer.
Using this given example:
and keeping nobody as "username", i would just have to replace return
PAM_SUCCESS (in pam_sm_authenticate) by return PAM_IGNORE ?
("nobody" would be used as username and the next pam module would take 
care of the password check)
Sorry if the question "sounds" silly, the pam module writer guide
doesn't look straightforward to me. :)

(sorry, this is the last off-topic mail to the gdm list)


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