[gdm-list] Re: GDM2 (unstable), the "Gerbil Wolf" release


Well, GDM just got way too bleeding edge for me...
even if Axel is planning on publishing glib2-2.8 RPM's for FC3.

I don't want to destabilize my environment to the point where it's
no longer usable.

Besides, new functionality isn't going to get test driven by average
users if it requires too many elements that aren't part of the standard

Why don't you just add the following lines near the top of gdm.h?

/* Make GDM build with glib 2.6, which doesn't have g_access */
#ifndef g_access
#define g_access access

That should fix the problem and make GDM build with 2.6.  You might need
to put similar lines vicious-extension/ve-misc.h to make vicious-extensions happy.

I would accept this sort of fix as a patch so that GDM still works
with 2.6 if you want to test it out.


Axel Thimm wrote:

Hi all,

I'm not subscribed, so my mail may not make it to the list.

Just for reference these are the versions of glib2 found on Fedora
Core (by the vendor, not ATrpms):

FC3:    2.4.8
FC4:    2.6.4
FC5:    2.9.1+

Philip, probably FC5 test 1 will be a better platform for building the
latest gdm. Or you might want to pick 2.9.1 from rawhide and rebuild
for FC3, which may or may not open another can of dependencies.

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 02:52:59PM -0800, Brian Cameron wrote:

Thanks so much for catching this bug.  Yes, GDM now requires glib 2.8.
Though you could just change all the calls to g_access to just "access"
if you want to work around this problem.

For putting together a patch to make priority work with gdmsetup, then
this workaround would be a fine way to resolve the problem without
messing about, or if upgrading to glib 2.8 is a hassle.

If we really want to still support glib 2.6, then we could make
configure.ac check which version of glib is available and decide which
version of access or g_access to use based on configure and #ifdef's.

Sorry about causing the problem.


I was trying to build gdm on FC3, which required installing
various non-native RPM's:

# rpm -qa | fgrep '.at' | sort

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