Re: [gdm-list] gdm restart after login + removing themes, language at gdm greeter


Still my problem doesn't solve, so finally I decide it to reinstall
Fedora Core with no Gnome desktop, only Xorg and KDE install. After
configuring LTSP and gdm.conf. At last, on terminal I can login into the
server and running all X program well. I wonder what wrong with it? With
GNOME Desktop installed, terminal always crash after login and
displaying gdm login again.

It's strange for GDM to work with KDE but not GNOME.  It's hard to
know what the problem is without looking into it.

Another question I would like to remove Themes, Language and Session
menu at gdm login/greeter. it is possible?

You can remove them if using gdmgreeter by removing the buttons from
the theme files.  See /usr/share/gdm/themes.  You can't remove the
menu choices from gdmlogin.


On Thu, 2005-10-13 at 23:44, Brian Cameron wrote:

It is hard to know exactly what is going wrong for you.  Either
something is wrong with the command to launch the Xserver or the
GDM GUI, or you've found a more serious bug in GDM.

I would test to make sure that you can run the Xserver command by
hand.  The gdm debug log should show you command it is using to try
and start the Xserver.  Does the same command work if try launching
X by hand with the same command?  You might check the Xserver error

If you can start it, can you run programs on the display?  For

$ export DISPLAY=:x.y (xservercmd)&; gnome-terminal

Now you have a terminal running you should be able to run:

$ /usr/lib/gdmlogin or /usr/lib/gdmgreeter

Does the gdmlogin/gdmgreeter program show up okay?

Any error messages you see doing any of these steps would indicate a
problem.  Sometimes gdmlogin/gdmgreeter won't start up properly if they
can't find a library it needs.  Running "ldd /usr/lib/gdmlogin" or
"ldd /usr/lib/gdmgreeter" is another way you can check for this error.
If the login program core dumps, it will also have the same behavior.
So changing the startup command for the login program so that it
starts it up via trace/truss might highlight if a core is happening
and might highlight why.

I have a problem using gdm with xdmcp enable. Everytime I try login from
thin client, the gdm always restarting and display authentication
windows again, althogh user and password is correct. I have look at
/var/log/message with debug enable in gdm.conf but I don't understand
what is going wrong. It seems the X server crash when I succesfully
login to server.
My server running ltsp 4.1.1 using Fedora core 2 , with gdm 2.6.
when I login X from server it is fine.

Any idea what is going wrong Thank's

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