hello there,

Well I have a bunch of clients running thin clients over XDMCP in GDM, and I want to manage theirs files using their IP as a basis.

Just a example, when the user pablo log in at the machine I want to create an icon in his desktop that uses this info (ip of the machine he's using). When he log off that session and login in another machine (for instance) I could change that icon for using this new ip. Every user that I have can log in from any machine (there's about fifteen machines by now).

What I know is how create the icons (I use gnome), I wanna know how can I say that pablo is using this or that machine. I actually use /etc/gdm/PostLogin script for doing some voodoo in every user, but I can't find a way to know where's the user coming from (his machine ip address). Anyone can help? A tip, a path, some hacking.... :^)

Everson S. Araujo

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