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George <jirka 5z com>
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Hi George,

While playing around with a new Ubuntu install, I noticed a number of
languages/locales were missing compared to

Here's a patch for that; would this be OK for me to commit?

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publish, that they might as well change their company name to MS-PRAVDA. 
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Index: config/locale.alias
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/gdm2/config/locale.alias,v
retrieving revision 1.42
diff -u -I'$Id.*$' -p -r1.42 locale.alias
--- config/locale.alias	25 Mar 2005 23:39:15 -0000	1.42
+++ config/locale.alias	9 Apr 2005 17:43:52 -0000
@@ -21,11 +21,13 @@ Arabic(Egypt)		ar_EG.UTF-8,ar_EG
 Arabic(Lebanon)		ar_LB.UTF-8,ar_LB
 Armenian		hy_AM.UTF-8,hy_AM
 Azerbaijani		az_AZ.UTF-8,az_AZ
+Azerbaijani(Iran)	az_IR.UTF-8,az_IR
 Basque			eu_ES.UTF-8,eu_ES
 Belarusian			be_BY.UTF-8,be_BY
 Bengali			bn_BD.UTF-8,bn_BD
 Bengali(India)			bn_IN.UTF-8,bn_IN
 Bosnian			bs_BA.UTF-8,bs_BA
+Breton			br_FR.UTF-8,br_FR
 Bulgarian		bg_BG.UTF-8,bg_BG
 Catalan			ca_ES.UTF-8,ca_ES
 Chinese(China Mainland)	zh_CN.UTF-8,zh_CN
@@ -42,6 +44,7 @@ English(UK)		en_GB.UTF-8,en_GB
 English(Canada)		en_CA.UTF-8,en_CA
 English(Ireland)	en_IE.UTF-8,en_IE
 English(SouthAfrica)	en_ZA.UTF-8,en_ZA
+Esparanto		eo.UTF-8,eo
 Estonian		et_EE.UTF-8,et_EE
 Finnish			fi_FI.UTF-8,fi_FI
 French			fr_FR.UTF-8,fr_FR
@@ -66,12 +69,17 @@ Kannada			kn_IN.UTF-8,kn_IN
 Kinyarwanda             rw_RW.UTF-8,rw_RW
 Korean			ko_KR.UTF-8,ko_KR
 Latvian			lv_LV.UTF-8,lv_LV
+Limburgish		li_NL.UTF-8,li_NL
+Limburgish(Belgium)	li_BE.UTF-8,li_BE
+Limburgish(Germany)	li_DE.UTF-8,li_DE
 Lithuanian		lt_LT.UTF-8,lt_LT
 Macedonian		mk_MK.UTF-8,mk_MK
 Malayalam			ml_IN.UTF-8,ml_IN
 Malay			ms_MY.UTF-8,ms_MY
+Maori			mi_NZ.UTF-8,mi_NZ	
 Marathi			mr_IN.UTF-8,mr_IN
 Mongolian		mn_MN.UTF-8,mn_MN
+Nepali			ne_NP.UTF-8,ne_NP
 NorthernSotho	nso_ZA.UTF-8,nso_ZA
 Norwegian(bokmal)	nb_NO.UTF-8,nb_NO,no_NO.UTF-8,no_NO
 Norwegian(nynorsk)	nn_NO.UTF-8,nn_NO
@@ -92,13 +100,18 @@ Spanish			es_ES.UTF-8,es_ES
 Spanish(Mexico)		es_MX.UTF-8,es_MX
 Swedish(Finland)	sv_FI.UTF-8,sv_FI
 Swedish			sv_SE.UTF-8,sv_SE
+Tagalog			tl_PH.UTF-8,tl_PH
+Tajik			tg_TJ.UTF-8,tg_TJ
 Tamil			ta_IN.UTF-8,ta_IN
 Telugu			te_IN.UTF-8,te_IN
 Thai			th_TH.UTF-8,th_TH
 Turkish			tr_TR.UTF-8,tr_TR
 Ukrainian		uk_UA.UTF-8,uk_UA
+Uzbek			uz_UZ.UTF-8,uz_UZ
+Uzbek(Latin)		uz_UZ UTF-8 Latn,uz_UZ Latn
 Vietnamese		vi_VN.UTF-8,vi_VN
 Walloon			wa_BE.UTF-8,wa_BE
 Welsh			cy_GB.UTF-8,cy_GB
+Xhosa			xh_ZA.UTF-8,xh_ZA
 Yiddish			yi.UTF-8,yi
 Zulu			zu_ZA.UTF-8,zu_ZA

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