gdm a11y issues

GDM Experts:

GDM is very close to being an accessible login solution, but there are a
few serious blocking bugs that need to be resolved.

1. If GOK (or any program) is launched while the chooser is being displayed, the
   user can never leave the chooser screen (a user must telnet into the machine
   and run gdm-restart to get the machine back to a usable state):

   I'm not exactly sure why gdm is behaving this way.  I'm happy to fix the
   problem, but am hoping that someone can give me a clue regarding how to
   correctly fix this.

2. gdm does not support theming:

   It is important for the user to be able to change the theme to LargeIcon,
   Inverse, etc. in order to support various visibility impairments.  I'm
   not sure the best approach to allow the user to change the theme.

   Perhaps we could add a menu where the user could select various a11y
   themes that are available for use, or perhaps the gesture listener
   mechanism could be used to launch a program that allows the user to
   change the theme.  Unfortunately the theme capplet can't be used
   directly because it allows users to install new themes, a feature that
   shouldn't be available before login.

   It would also be nice if the theme would stick when the user switches
   between the chooser/greeter programs.  Any suggestions regarding how
   this should be supported would be appreciated.



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