Re: GDM login editing.


> Here is a very little bit guidance. Perhap, it could be a starting point.
> I'm new to gdm as well.
> > I am installing linux and winbind on our schools computer lab.  We 
> > still have windows clients so it is easier to not change the 
> > authentication system.
> > 
> > Winbind users have a username of DOMAIN+username where the "+" is the 
> > winbind separator.
> > 
> > What I would like to do is have the login fields for gdm to match the 
> > windows login fields so that the students login the same way on all the 
> > machines on my network.
> > 
> > Essential I would like the GDM screen to have the following fields 
> > displayed
> > 
> > Username
> > Password
> > Domain
> > 
> > I would like username and password to be blank and Domain to have a 
> > default setting(specified in a file somewhere)
> > 
> > I would like it to take the Domain and append the username with the 
> > winbind separator in between then pass that as the username to login 
> > for auth.

You might be able to get the sort of functionality you want by writing
your own PAM module.  Your PAM module would need to display a new UI to 
the screen with the entry fields you need.  Your PAM module would then
use the normal PAM module for the actual validation.  You might need to
add a hack to gdm2 to keep it from drawing its UI.  I believe this is
possible, but I don't know PAM well enough to provide guidance.

If you are looking for a quick hack:

+ The user types in their username and password 
+ The user clicks the "login" button
+ If the username already begins with a valid "DOMAIN+" value, then just 
  go ahead and log in, otherwise lookup the domain value for the user 
  from a file and prepend it to the login username string.
+ the above would be done before the gdm_verify_user call.


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