RE: Customizing gdm

"Inger, Slav (S.B.)" <vinger ford com> wrote:
> George <jirka 5z com> wrote:
> > No, this is not possible (at least not currently).  The pam framework is
> > really a question and answer kind of thing.  You can set up a pam module that
> > asks a question, but to have a UI element for it would require hacking the
> > actual greeter.  I can't see a general way of doing this with PAM currently,
> > that could be integrated into GDM proper.
> Thanks for the reply, George.  So I take it, the way it stands today,
> there is no way to introduce a custom element into the gdm greeter
> period, be it PAM-dependent or not.  I realize this is a gdm-specific
> list, so I apologize in advance for asking this question:  are there
> any other common Linux *dm's (KDM, XDM, etc) that anyone is aware of
> that do support this functionality?  We have a very specific
> requirement that needs to be fulfilled by introducing a custom widget
> onto the login screen - feedback will be most appreciated.

I don't know of a DM that allows this kind of thing.

Do you absolutely have to have this new dialogue as part of the DM
interaction?  If it could be something that happens _before_ the DM
greeter shows up then it could be handled in the Init script.  If it
can be done after login (by which time you know the username) then it
can happen in the PreSession script or even in the Session script.

mike oliver sun com

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