Re: setting initial prompt of gdmlogin using PAM conversation functio n


Adding to Nao comments. I tried to reset the user name by calling
pam_set_item(pamh, PAM_USER, NULL) and then call pam_get_user. Then it
asks for the user name with the prompt that we want after we input (say
rama) in the first screen (GDM supplied prompt). In the second screen
(PAM service module supplied prompt) if we enter different user name
(say nao), then password (PAM service module supplied propmt) in the
password screen, it opens sessions for the user name entered in the
first screen (in this case rama).


Naomaru Itoi wrote:

> Hi,
> Thank you for your great job as usual.
> We are writing a smartcard PAM module, and are trying to set a prompt
> in GDM Greeter (gdmlogin). We want to prompt something like "Please
> enter username or insert smartcard" at the begining of the login
> process. We are testing this with gdmlogin.
> We can set a prompt using a conversation function all right. This is
> good. (Thanks!)
> However, gdmlogin always displays a prompt "Username" before calling
> pam_sm_authenticate(). It is only after a user enters a username and
> hits Enter Key that pam_sm_authenticate() is called. So our PAM module
> doesn't have a chance to override the initial message.
> Is there any way to work around it and display a different message as
> the initial message?
> I guess we can replace the greeter by changing gdm.conf. But we would
> like to limit our code to the PAM module, if possible.
> Thank you.
> -- 
> Concentration ... Naomaru Itoi

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