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On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 11:41:08PM +0900, Guillaume Proux wrote:
> Thanks, I hope it will be accepted by George in the official CVS.
> This is really cool to be able to vary programmatically the appearance
> of the login screen.

After we branch for the new feature development for gnome 2.4 :)  Though I'm
a bit worried about the scripting and "evil" (trojan horse) themes.  Though
the commands are run as the gdm user, still that user could get quite a few
things done (such as steal cookies and stuff).  Perhaps what we need is to
run the scripts as nobody, though I'm not sure how we would do that from the

My current thought is to have "AllowExecutablesInThemes=false" be a default
and for the gui config to go through the selected theme and warn the user
if there is an executable in it (and optionally it could list the exec

> >Is it possible to add multi group support to gdm? my
> >idea is to asign a group of users to a different
> >/etc/X11/gdm/Sessions directory.
> Hum! You see, before you asked the question, I never had a look at how
> the code did to take care of sessions.
> I looked at it now and I find this part of gdm quite confusing.
> At the same time, I have difficulty understand how you would like
> to implement your new functionality. How do you take care of the case
> of a user being part of multiple groups for example?

My current thoughts on this is to just write a special session for
that particular setup, then this script could check the groups of users
in whatever way the sysadmin wants and run the appropriate session script for
them.  Similarly you can add code to the session scripts to disallow certain
users from running certain sessions.

I don't think I would take patches to the session setup since hopefully
someone is going to write a common session setup spec on the xdg list (you
can always volunteer for that:) and then I want to implement that.


George <jirka 5z com>
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