Re: Ugh...

>>>>> "Jeff" == jeff  <jeff lightweb net> writes:

Jeff> I've been trying and trying all day to get my Tektronix XP217C
Jeff> to connect to gdm with Xdmcp.. I've turned the option on in
Jeff> gdm.conf, set the variables up higher, made it do Indirects, all
Jeff> that. When I force my Tek to use XDMCP upon bootup (after it
Jeff> grabs it's software and config file) and then connect the this
Jeff> machine, all *looks* like it's connecting okay: it goes through,
Jeff> sends some requests, get's an okay from gdm, sends some more
Jeff> requests, gets a Denied (??), sends a Manage and the session is
Jeff> all setup. Then, my terminal locks up...


Could you please mail me a log of all the debug info?

Martin K. Petersen      Principal Linux Consultant, Linuxcare, Inc.         SGI XFS, Linux/PA-RISC, GNOME

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