[gDesklets] Control proposal: IXapian

Hi there!

One of the most wide used text search system is Beagle, which has got a
nice interface, however it's got some disadvantages too:

  a) sometimes it becomes a "resource consuming"
  b) written in Mono and Mono has had ported to some arch, but not all
     (for example, some MIPS processors)

So, there is another text search system: RECOLL. Mostly is written in C++
and it uses the Xapian project, the very strong Xapian back-end.

In short the IXapian control allow to gdesklets execute some queries in
the database build by RECOLL.

Please have a look to this Control in http://media.mgonzalez.cl/gdesklets/
I have written a Display file also as an example. You can download both to
test it.

NOTE: by default recoll creates its DB in ~/.recoll/xapiandb and you've got
to create it if you want the control works well. How can you do it? Easy,
just execute this:
(See the installation section in the README file)

 $ recollindex


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