[gDesklets] First steps to 0.36.1

Hi there,

rev. 92 just hit launchpad:

- everything updated to 0.36.1beta (I hope I didn't miss anything)
- updated information in main/__init__.py
- updated docs in doc/book to 0.36
- new chapter about the included Controls added (not finished yet)
- new attribute in config/ConfigURI: action

I hope I updated everything to everybody's satisfaction ;).

The chapter about the included Controls does need some more text for
each Control.

I added the new "action" attribute because I think it would be nice to
have the URI requester select directories, too. This attribute can be
either "open" (default value), "save", "select_folder" or
"create_folder". Just like in the pygtk docs:

Unfortunately there are still a few strange things happening as the
requester isn't exactly doing what you might think when taking a look at
the pygtk docs :/. But basically it is working for files and/or
directories now... more work needs to be done though.

Greetings, Bjoern

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