[gDesklets] Unsure about error in my first control

Hi, I've started developing a desklet for an ISP in Australia
(Internode) and I'm having trouble getting the control I'm designing
to give me a useful enough error message so that I can diagnose what's
wrong with it.  Here is my current __init__.py:

from libdesklets.controls import Control
from INetQuery import INetQuery
import urllib
class NetQuery( Control, INetQuery ):
   def __test_all(self):
      print "test"
   def __set_all(self, value):
      print "value: " + value
   urlencode = property( fset = __set_all )
   url = property( fget = __test_all, fset = __set_all )
   isPost = property( fget = __test_all, fset = __set_all )
   results = property( fget = __test_all )

def get_class(): return Time
My current INetQuery.py:

from libdesklets.controls import Interface, Permission
class INetQuery(Interface):
   urlencode = Permission.WRITE
   url = Permission.READWRITE
   isPost = Permission.READWRITE
   siteResults = Permission.READ
How it is called:

 <control id="netquery" interface="INetQuery:buyjgyex1nm3ipuvr36q3pva2-2"/>
What the error says when the desklet is run:

maximum recursion depth exceeded
>   1 netquery = get_control('INetQuery:buyjgyex1nm3ipuvr36q3pva2-2')

I assume it's my code, and something pretty silly at that as I have no
problem with a <control/> just 1 line above it which is
<control id="time" interface="ITime:5oak91gpdt1dyiepbqmn48plp-2"/>"

I should also mention that the final line in that error from gdesklets
doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me as that particular line
doesn't exist in QIUM.display at all.

Thank you.
-Nick Cronin

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