Re: [gDesklets] How do I install the Rhythmlet sensor?

Hi there,

> How do I get the Rhythmlet desklets to work on a fresh Ubuntu 7.10 
> install?  Specifically, each time I try to add, I get this error:
> Could not find sensor 'Rhythmlet' 
> /usr/share/gdesklets/Displays/rhythmlet/gfx/LT-Display/CornerRhythmlet-bottomright.display
> A sensor could not be found.  This usually means that it has not
> been installed.

OK, first of all:
the RhythmLet Desklet is very old and uses Sensors.
Sensors are deprecated since gDesklets 0.30 and will be no more
supported with gDesklets 0.40.
And btw: 0.30 has been released... aehm... 4 or 5 years ago ?!

On the gDesklets Desklet Archive website
( this desklet has been marked as "not
working", which basically means: it will not be working (if you try to
install it "the usual way").

LT- (and PSI-) based desklets usally need further Sensors being
installed. Same - and more - problem(s) like mentioned above.
These desklets usually don't work anymore (some still do though).

> How do I install this?

Well, first of all I would suggest to pick another RythmBox desklet.
On the gDesklets Desklet Archive website (see link mentioned above) you
will find the following desklets:

Transparent buttons to operate Rhythmbox by remote control.

A Rhythmbox controller with cover art, based on the SideCandy Rhythmbox

SideCandy RhythmBox
A Rhythmbox controller in SideCandy style.

If you *really* want or need to stick to the RhythmLet Desklet, you can
install the Sensor "by hand".
In the archive file you will find a file called
"Install_Rhythmlet_Sensor.bin" to be executed (or opened with python,
whatever works for you).
If this doesn't work, there is a directory in the archive file called
"Rhythmlet". This looks like a "usual" Sesor directory (to me), which
you can install/copy into your "Sensors" directory in ~/.gdesklets (so
you will have the folowing directory: ~/.gdesklets/Sensors/Rhythmlet
Restarting gDesklets might be a good idea after installing the Sensor.

Anyway, I don't think this will work as you might need more LT-Sensors
(and most of them do not like newer versions of gDesklets). So grabbing
another RythmBox desklet might be *much* easier.

> I apologize for the basic question -- I see that a lot of people 
> have had similar problems, but I haven't been able to find the 
> answer.

The problem is (as far as I can tell as a non-Ubuntu and non-Debian
user), that the desklets provided with these distributions have been
packed a loooong time ago and nobody has taken a look at them since then.

On the gDesklets Desklet Archive site you will find more (but not all!)
information if desklets are still working or not. At least I hope so  ;) .

Greetings Bjoern

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