[gDesklets] Regarding the current discussion at desktop-devel gnome org

Hi Alex,

since I'm not subscribed to the mailinglist let me reply this way. I'm
referring to
You can include this mail for further discussions :-)

You mentioned gdesklets which could fill the gap of having a better panel.
Currently, gDesklets lacks developers, we have great ideas for v0.40:

* No toolkit dependency in the core
* Default cairo backend for rendering
* yahoo! Widget support
* i18n support
* much more

Let me tell you what I think is wrong/ok with KDE4/Plasma:

* It's nice to have an easy API to write applets.
* It's nice to have the ability to write applets in different languages
(ruby, python, c++, js, ...)
* It's bad to have a desktop cluttered with thousands of desklets/applets
* It's bad to waste resources, those applets will eat up your memory/cpu
time. Most people will have lots of desklets/applets on their desktop and
think, Gnome is slow. KDE's new desktop will be a mess when it comes to this
and the last item.
* Is this the new killer-feature in KDE4? This makes me laugh!

gDesklets tried to get rid of Gnome dependencies because many people
couldn't handle it. We received lots of bug reports because of broken
bindings in various distributions.
It should be possible to have Gnome dependencies in v0.40, except the core.
We want to have a minimalistic core wrt. dependencies (bindings, libraries).

Unfortunately, my server (http://wiki.gdesklets.de/) which hosts the
gDesklets Wiki is currently down. We have a nice UML diagram of the new core
+ our ideas there. I'll tell you when it's up again which should be this

I hope I could give you a greater picture about what will happen in
gdesklets. No, development isn't dead, it's just slow. We need more


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