Re: [gDesklets] Implementing real transparency (work with compiz)


short answer NO. I have a hacked version of it. Real transparency can be
implemented quite easily, you just have to tell GlassWindow to have an
opacity value. Since this only works with the latest gtk+ version it isn't
an option at the moment. Most people are still bound to gtk+ 2.10 which
doesn't have gtk_window_set_opacity(). Maybe in about half a year (that
would mean in v0.37), gDesklets will have that
state-of-the-art-hackish-feature ;-)

But what's more problematic is beryl/compiz: those window managers behave
differently than metacity and others. Writing code to support them should be
trivial. But, since I hardly use those toy window managers (sorry, I
couldn't resist), I'm not interested in hacking on it without the help of
others. If you provide me with relevant information, i.e. window manager
flags, I'm willing to do that. As I said, it's not very complicated.


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